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28 November, 2023
Our new Settlements and Statements
We’ve launched our new and improved Statements for our DNA Direct acquiring customers with an updated style, look and feel, providing more clarity and highlighting the important billing information you need to get easy-to-follow insights into your business’s transactional fees and charges.

What's changed? 

✅ PDF Statements are now available monthly, but users can still create custom date ranges and download them via Excel and CSV.
✅ We’ve updated the style and layout of Statement PDFs for easier-to-follow insights with a more straightforward format.
✅ The Settlements and Statements section on our Merchant Portal has been updated to accommodate the changes.
✅ Statements will be in the new style and format from August 2023 onwards and, before July 2023, will remain in the old design.

What's new? 

✅ Starting balance, which has rolled over from your previous Settlement Period due to the transactions being made at the end of the previous month.
✅ Refunds and Chargebacks: how we present these are now much clearer, and they’re separated from the overall transaction volume to give you better visibility.
✅ Final NET processed volume of your balance and the settled amount.
✅ Various views on fees breakdowns per day and payment type.
✅ Multi-location support to show transactional breakdowns for different outlets or business entities your Company owns.

Previous Statements   

From the go-live date, Statements will be available for our acquiring merchants to download in the new style and format from August 2023 onwards. Statements before August 2023 will remain in the old design - so all newly generated Statements will use the new approach and styling – these are available to download by month.

If you're a current acquiring customer, you can search for and download your Statements by logging into our Merchant Portal, which is easy to access and find all your Statements for previous monthly billing cycles, with the ability to search for a set of Statements generated during a particular year.

Please note that custom searches and date ranges are now only available to download as Excel and CSV files, and statements are now available per month as a PDF download.

If you’ve not got access to our new Merchant Portal and would like to change to DNA Payments Acquiring, or you’d like to find out more about what Payment Solutions we can offer, get in touch with us here

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