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Countertop Card Machines

Our Countertop Card Machines connect seamlessly with your POS locations for quick and easy payments

All major payment methods accepted
Accept chip & PIN, contactless and mobile payments with major card providers and popular payment methods
Payment methods supported
Face-to-face business transactions
Quick and hassle-free face-to-face transactions

Start accepting card payments with our quick and easy to use Countertop Card Machines with the ability to print receipts, issue refunds and pull sales reports

Designed for Countertop business applications
Increased security by design, reliability, and flexibility for fixed countertop applications

Our modern, countertop POS terminals, offer lightweight solutions that can accept payments at key sales locations in your business and of using a range of popular payment methods

Key features
Keep your customers served, avoiding long queues and waiting times
Always connected

Always connected, so you’ll never have to worry about your internet dropping when accepting payments

Fast processing

Fast transaction processing allows you to accept business payments in real-time

Fast printing

Print recipes, pull reports and perform refunds with everything in one place at your checkout

Powerful solutions
We provide the essential Payment Solutions and support you need to help your business thrive
Merchant Portal

Our easy-to-use Merchant Portal functionality elevates your business by maintaining complete control with real-time data-driven insights. You can easily track, monitor, and manage your payments and transactions at the touch of a button and perform refunds, partial refunds, or cancel payments. Our Merchant Portal also provides a birds-eye-view of your business, with reporting capabilities, to keep track of your bottom line and concentrate on what you do best.

Online chat support

Have a query about your new Payment Solution or need help from one of our experts? Get in touch with us today to get assistance. Our support team are here for you to ensure any questions you may have are answered and you're 100% up and running with your Payment Solution, hassle-free. Just use our chat function to send us any queries you may have, and we'll be happy to help, with a team of experts that have the know-how to every step of your journey with us.

Free delivery

We provide free delivery of your Card Payment Solution, so you can start accepting secure business transactions in as little as 3 days. Once your application has been approved, we'll ensure your Payment Solution is sent to you straight away, safely, and quickly so that you can get up and running and do business with your customers. Our team of logistics experts have already sent thousands of cutting-edge Payment Solutions, so you can be safe in knowing we're delivering for your business needs.

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Countertop Card Machine FAQ
What's a Countertop Card Machine?

Countertop Card Machines provide quick, easy-to-use, and secure checkout and over the counter payments, using a range of popular payment methods, and are perfect for shops, supermarkets, and retail

What Countertop Card Machines do you offer?

We offer a leading range of Countertop Card Machines to suit any business's needs. Our range includes the PAX terminals: A920 Pro, Q25, A35, plus the Nexgo N86 and SUNMI P2 SmartPad, P2 Lite SE and P2 Pro

How long does it take for my Card Machine to be delivered?

Once your application to us is approved, we'll get your Payment Solution ready for the dispatch on the same day. Once ready, it'll take between 1 to 3 days for you to receive it (depending on your location).

Why DNA Payments?
We've got a perfect range of Payment Solutions for your business needs that are quick, safe, secure and easy to use for countertop locations
terminals and checkout pages
processed monthly
bespoke API customisation
MI & Reporting
unparalleled data inputs
online, face to face and on-the-go