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We've a range of powerful solutions to help you manage, track and monitor your business
A range of payment methods accepted
Accept chip & PIN, contactless and mobile payments with major card providers and alternative payment methods
Payment methods accepted
Merchant Portal
Manage, track and monitor your payments

Knowledge is power, and our easy-to-use Merchant Portal functionality elevates your business by maintaining complete control with real-time data-driven insights

Payment Gateway
Our Payment Gateway works with all payment platforms and acquirers

Our Payment Gateway allows for frictionless transactions across multiple sales channels and was developed to work with all payment providers so it can be implemented easily into your business's payment process

Platforms supported
Our quick "plug-n-play" integration is supported on these popular platforms
Website platforms supported
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Why DNA Payments?
We've a perfect range of Payment Solutions for your business needs, that are quick, safe, secure and easy to use for every location, both online and in the physical space
terminals and checkout pages
processed monthly
bespoke API customisation
MI & Reporting
unparalleled data inputs
online, face to face and on-the-go
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Card Machines

Whatever Card Payment Solution your business needs, we’ve a card reader suitable for you, so apply online and start accepting payments in as little as 3 days

Online Payments

Not all businesses exist in a physical space, and they don't need to in the age of Ecommerce. Accepting payments online enables your business to be ready to secure sales 24/7.