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Convenient, quick and flexible
Unattended Terminal

Our Unattended Terminal solution provides convenience and flexibility at any time or location

All major payment methods accepted
Accept chip & PIN, contactless and mobile payments with major card providers and popular payment methods
Payment methods accepted
Elevate your business
Quick and secure payments at your customers' fingertips

Whether your business needs more effortless ticketing, self-checkout or pay at pump options, we can can tailor an Unattended Terminal that accepts all payment methods to fit seamlessly into your business

Ruggedised design for Unattended applications
The latest Android self-service ruggedised terminal

Our interactive interface can be integrated into all kiosks and vending machines and is designed to increase sales, implement security, and be impervious to environmental damage, with all the benefits of Android

Key features
Let your customers take control of their payments, without the need to staff assistance
Thousands of transactions

An Unattended Terminal performs thousands of transactions per day without the need for staff assistance


A customisable interface showcases your product and menu options at your fingertips


You have complete control over the payment methods you want to accept

Powerful solutions
We provide the essential Payment Solutions and support needed to help your business thrive
Integration support

Our team will get your Unattended solution set up and integrated with your business to start accepting payments. We've got the experts, know-how, and integration experience to ensure your solution is quickly and seamlessly integrated, hassle-free so that your Unattended needs are met effortlessly. We can also meet your bespoke solution needs, so it doesn't matter on the application – we can help get you accepting payments in no time.

Merchant Portal

Our easy-to-use Merchant Portal functionality elevates your business by maintaining complete control with real-time data-driven insights. You can easily track, monitor, and manage your payments and transactions at the touch of a button and perform refunds, partial refunds, or cancel payments. Our Merchant Portal also provides a birds-eye-view of your business, with reporting capabilities, to keep track of your bottom line and concentrate on what you do best.

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Implementation support

Our experts will set up your system with our quick and easy onboarding process. We do the leg work so you can get back to focusing on your business. Our onboarding process helps ensure everything is covered from the outset of our journey together so that your business can get moving with serving customers. No detail is missed in our process, and our thorough and quality service ensures that your business can be confident that we're the perfect Payment Solution provider for a range of applications.

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Unattended Terminal FAQ
What's an Unattended Terminal?

Our Unattended Terminal is a popular, quick and secure way for customers to use self-service payment kiosks, to avoid human contact when paying for goods or services

What type of Unattended Terminal do your offer?

Our Unattended Terminal is power by our leading IM30 PAX terminal - an all-in-one smart unattended solution that is the industry's latest Android self-service ruggedised terminal

How is my Unattended Terminal set up?

Our experts will get your Unattended Terminal solution fully integrated on-site with any software customisation to match your business model

Why DNA Payments?
We've got the perfect Unattended Payment Solution for your business needs that's quick, safe, secure and easy to use for every location
terminals and checkout pages
processed monthly
bespoke API customisation
MI & Reporting
unparalleled data inputs
online, face to face and on-the-go