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Integrated fraud security and transaction intelligence
Preventing fraud for online card payments
Guaranteed Fraud Prevention

We’ve partnered with and integrated Signifyd’s Fraud Screening engine into our Ecommerce checkout solution.

The integration allows for seamless Fraud Screening which manages risk, increases operational efficiencies and reduces fraud related losses for merchants.

Helping merchants avoid chargebacks and false declines

Our deeper intelligence and reliable decisions give the payment service provider a distinct competitive advantage when merchants have abundant choices. 

As such, we're helping thousands of merchants avoid chargebacks, dramatically reduce false declines and eliminate manual review while helping increase the number of approved orders.

Signifyd FAQ
What is Signifyd?

Signifyd offers commerce protection that recognises the identity and intent behind every payment, restoring mutual trust between merchants and their customers

What type of payments are covered?

Signifyd covers online credit and debit card payments such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express

How do I get Signifyd enabled?

Just reach out to your account manager or our team and we’ll look at getting this activated for you

Increase your fraud security and transaction intelligence

Get in touch with us to activate Signifyd for your business