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Unified payment experience

Our range of payment terminals utilising our axept® PRO Android app gives users a range of features and functionality to streamline your business's payments and improve your customers' buying experience

Our axept® PRO Android app provides powerful yet easy-to-use functionality so that you never miss a sale, accepting payments the way your customers want to pay
Major cards and alternative payment methods accepted
Our axept® PRO Android app supports all popular payment methods, including major credit and debit cards, as well as alternative payment methods, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and more
axept® PRO Android app
Developed in-house, all based on user analytics

We've developed our axept® PRO Android app with merchants and customers in mind. We serve thousands of merchants and have used their feedback and analytics to improve every screen and button of our user interface to give users an even better experience, with full support, extra useful features for real-time reporting, performing refunds and more payment options, including:

  • Contactless card payments
  • Chip&PIN card payments
  • Mobile payments
  • Payments over phone
  • Pre-auth and post-completion payments

Accept any transaction type
axept® PRO by name, accept by nature - our software accepts all types of payments
Mail & phone
Daisy chain
Remote printing

Our modern, axept® PRO Android-based POS terminals can accept all popular Mobile Wallets such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and more


Accept payments with the tap of a phone or card, with contactless payments using our axept® PRO Android-based payment terminals, for a quick and seamless consumer experience 

Mail & phone

Card-not-present payments have never been easier with our axept® PRO software, all managed via your payment terminal, and no need for the card holder to be face-to-face with your business, just enter remotely


Our Pre-authorisation payments allow businesses providing booking, rentals or expensive goods and services where payment is reserved from their customer’s credit or debit card, which is then taken in full when completion of payment for the final amount is processed 


Perform refunds via your POS payment device, or simply log in to our Merchant Portal and refund the POS Payments section, giving you complete control


There are still some occasions where a card swipe is required, and should one arise our axept® PRO still supports this method


If you've got a comms failure, you can defer authorisation, effectively accepting the payment offline. Once comms are restored, authorisation will automatically be re-attempted 

Daisy chain

Use two payment devices in any combination of master/slave to be joined together to form a Daisy Chain solution without a cable

Remote printing

Ensures that merchants can print receipts, even if they’re using payment devices that don’t have an integral printer, such as the axept® PRO A77, as long as they have one axept® PRO A920 payment device to print

Cashback & gratuity

Our axept® PRO Android app supports cashback and gratuity payments effortlessly, for complete consumer satisfaction at the point of sale 

axept® Cloud Connect

axept® Cloud Connect integration service allows Corporate customers to integrate with a compatible axept® PRO payment device to initiate transactions and retrieve the transaction result.

This solution eliminates the need for merchants to send transactions directly to the device, integrating with cellular-connected devices rather than just the traditional ethernet and Wi-Fi terminals.


With Cloud Connect, a computer anywhere else worldwide with an internet connection and the required credentials can start a transaction on an axept® PRO payment device.

Pennies charitable donations

We’ve partnered with award-winning fintech charity Pennies, kicking off with a series of omnichannel solutions for customer micro-giving.

Our partnership represents a truly multi-channel Pennies experience, providing users with a seamless experience using our axept® PRO Android app for giving a few digital pennies whether they bought in-store, on-site or online.

"Multi" experience

Multi-currency Card Machine support allows customers to easily select which currency their customers prefer, helping businesses to grow into new international markets.

Merchants can offer customers the option to pay in GB £ Pounds, US $ Dollars, Euro € and more at the POS. All payments can be tracked, monitored and managed in our Merchant Portal by their currency type, unlocking a world of opportunities without limitations.


We understand that businesses are becoming global, so to help them grow into new markets, we've launched new multilingual user interfaces so merchants can use our Card Machines across several European countries.

Our Card Machine user interfaces are now available in German, French, Portuguese, Danish, Belgian and Bulgarian, and we’re not stopping there! Merchants can now choose their desired languages to accept payments at trade fairs, events, exhibitions and more at their target European markets.

Your brand matters

Let your brand awareness stand out throughout the entire payments journey, with customer branded axept® PRO Android app user interface

All the features you need in one place
axept® PRO Android app gives merchants and their user a range of modern, sleek and easy-to-use features, for complete consumer satisfaction
Card payments

Accept Chip&PIN, contactless and mobile payments with major card providers such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express Maestro and more

Alternative payments

Our Payment Solutions accept all popular alternative payment methods, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Pay by Bank App and more

Useful features

Cashback, refunds, receipt printing, connectivity, quick processing - our axept® PRO Android app is full of features and functionality

Unified and branded

Everything you need, all in the one place and using the one provider, with custom branded user interface for frictionless consumer buying experience

Merchant Portal

Our easy-to-use Merchant Portal functionality gives you complete control of your business

Real-time reports

Our reporting lets you get access to data for automated smoother reconciliation and helping with your business's bottom line

Epos integration

APIs support from our team, ensures your Epos system is fully integrated and operating seamlessly

Tethering "Daisy-chain"

Tethering/”Daisy-Chain” links your devices where for a reliable connection throughout your payments system

axept® PRO Android app FAQs
Are all of your payment terminals supported by axept® PRO?

All of our PAX and Verifone POS Card Machines are supported, other than the NEXGO Unattended terminal. 

What features and tools does it provides?

axept® PRO provides the following functionality:

  • Supports major payment card schemes, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover
  • Accepts Contact (Insert/Swipe), Contactless & PIN Verification payments
  • Accepts Mail Order/Telephone Order (Card Not Present) payments
  • Can perform refunds
  • Cashback & Gratuity Features
  • Pennies Charitable Donations
  • Deferred Authorisation for Offline Use
  • Pre-Auth and Completion Features for Car-Hire, Hotel & Restaurant Environments
  • Tethering/”Daisy-Chain” allows a linked device where a barrier exists between merchant and cardholder
  • Innovative and easy-to-use User Interface for both merchants and cardholders alike
  • Receipt printing option
  • Custom branding
  • Multilingual and Multi-currency options available
  • Epos Integration, via local Network or Cloud based APIs
  • Multi-Application support for on-device Epos integration
  • Available on multiple payment terminals from Pin Pads, Countertop, Portable/Mobile and MiniPOS device categories
Does axept® PRO support 3rd party apps?

We support a host of 3rd party apps, plus support for any additional integration needs. 

Don't hesitate to contact our Support Team to if you require any 3rd part apps activated.

Contact our Support Team

What Card Machines are supported?

All of our PAX and Verifone range of POS terminals are supported, such as the PAX A920, PAX A920 Pro, PAX A77 and other PAX terminals, plus the Verifone V240m, Verifone T650P and more. To find out about support for your terminal, contact our Support Team.

Contact our Support Team

Does axept® PRO support EPOS?

Yes, we can integrate our axept® PRO to work with 100+ EPOS systems, to ensure your business runs smoothly throughout. To get your EPOS system integrated with our app, contact our Support Team.

Contact our Support Team

Can I have my brand on the user interface?

Yes, we can get your user interface branded with your company logo, for frictionless payments. To get your Payment Solution custom branded, contact our Support Team.

Contact our Support Team

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Accept customer payments on the go, as and when you need to with our range of Portable Card Machines. Leading payment methods are accepted, and our mobile card payment solutions can connect with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4G.


Quick and secure, our Unattended Terminal solution lets your customers select and pay for goods at their convenience. The perfect solution for businesses needing self-checkouts, pay-at-pump, fast food ordering and more.


Our easy-to-use menu makes transaction management easy with the ability to print receipts, issue refunds and pull sales reports. Connect your Card Machine with your POS and start accepting payments in real-time.