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Merchant Portal

Our easy-to-use Merchant Portal functionality gives you complete control of your business

Merchant Portal
Fits seamlessly into your business

Our Merchant Portal fits seamlessly into any business's payment ecosystem. We understand every business is different, so we've created our Merchant Portal with this in mind, ensuring you've everything you need to get the job done.

Explore the DNA Payments Merchant Portal
Monitor, track and manage
Our Merchant Portal lets you access your business's analytics all in one place. Once set up, you can track transactions, authorise refunds, pull sales reports and more.
Track and monitor
Refunds and cancellations
Business reports
POS American Express
Track and monitor

Track and monitor your POS and online transactions from one convenient location

Refunds and cancellations

Refund, partial refund and even cancel customer transactions with ease

Business reports

Pull business reports such as sales, product and staff performance and more

POS American Express

Monitor your American Express transactions made via our POS terminals

Payment Links

Accept payments online without using a website. Use our Merchant Portal to create and send a Payment Link to your customer. Our Payment Link solution is the perfect way to accept payments online and can be done using email or any other online communication method your business prefers. Safe, secure, and easy to set up, we've the solutions for every business's needs, even without owning a website or brick and mortar store, 24/7 and from anywhere.

Payment Links
Virtual Terminal

Accept seamless, quick, and secure Online Payments via phone or email, using your computer or digital device remotely. Perfect for remote business, the Virtual Terminal Online Payment Solution can easily be set up on our Merchant Portal, and it's quick and easy to accept payments. Use your digital devices, such as your laptop or phone, and you can be accepting payments seamlessly in a few simple steps, so no matter what business type you are, we've got you covered.

Virtual Terminal
Payment methods management

Manage your payment methods by easily integrating your solutions to a range of popular payment methods, such as Apple Pay, PayPal, Klarna, etc. We're partnered with the best payment methods in the sector to ensure your business has everything in place to provide quick, secure and easy payments, no matter what scenario your customer prefers. Whether it's spreading the cost of an item, paying using a mobile device, or via a few quick steps, our solutions can be tailored to your business's needs, hassle-free and ensuring a seamless buying experience.

Online chat support

Have a query about your new Payment Solution or need help from one of our experts? Get in touch with us today to get assistance. Our support team are here for you to ensure any questions you may have are answered and you're 100% up and running with your Payment Solution, hassle-free. Just use our chat function to send us any queries you may have, and we'll be happy to help, with a team of experts that have the know-how to every step of your journey with us.

How to get access

Once your application with us is approved, you'll receive an email with your Merchant Portal Access details

Whatever solution you use, our Merchant Portal gives you the control and insight you need to manage, monitor and track your business's activity, letting you focus on what you do best
Select your solution

Select the perfect Payment Solution for your business's needs

Get onboarded

Our team will walk you through the steps to get you onboarded and using our Merchant Portal and your Payment Solutions

Get access

Once your application with us is approved and signed, you'll receive an email with your Merchant Portal Access details

Multi-user invites

Our Merchant Portal allows merchants to invite new users and assign access and roles, helping businesses manage their payments efficiently.

We understand businesses need multiple users with varying roles and disciplines to manage, view, report, and track their payments and settlements. We enable merchants to invite and remove new and existing users effortlessly by unlocking multi-access users.

Merchant Portal FAQ
How do I get access?

Once your application with us is approved, you'll receive an email with your Merchant Portal Access details

Can I monitor my customer payments?

Our Merchant Portal provides real-time updates for each Payment you're processing. To view your Payments, select either Online Payments or POS Payments (depending on which solution use are using) on the Menu navigation bar on the left-hand side of the screen, and you'll be able to monitor each Payment and its status.

Can I manage my transactions?

Our Merchant Portal provides you with additional tools so you can manage your online transactions easily, especially if you're using our Online Payments or Pay by Link solutions

Can I monitor my American Express payments?

You can monitor/view payments made via our POS payment terminals using American Express cards only. However, you won’t be able to view any Settlements related to these transactions, as they’re processed directly by American Express and not by us.

What about my Settlements?

Any transactions successfully processed through our Payment solutions are automatically settled to your Bank Account within the Settlement Period as per your Acquiring Agreement. Please note that we don’t show American Express settlements as they are processed directly by American Express and not by us.

What are Payment Links?

Pay by Link is a convenient, easy-to-use solution available for you to accept Online Payments without needing a website

What is the Virtual Terminal?

Our Virtual Terminal allows you to accept Payments via your computer or device without the need for physical card machine hardware - an ideal solution for businesses that accept Payments over the Phone, Email or perform remote billing

Where can I get support?

We're always here to support you with every step of your journey along the way. If you've any queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch via the online chat on our website and Merchant Portal, where our team of experts will answer any questions you may have in real-time. 

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