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Alipay+ payment method used by millions of customers
Alipay+ POS for axept® PRO terminals

Accept Alipay+ payments on your axept® PRO payment terminal, where customers pay using their mobile device by scanning a QR Code that works with 10 major e-wallets in Asia Pacific

Alipay+ has billions of users worldwide and offers flexible payments for the digital economy in sectors such as tourism, hospitality, retail and more

Quick, secure payments with the tap of a device

Customers can pay quickly and securely via their mobile device in just a few simple steps

One of the major payment methods accepted globally, Alipay+ provides customers flexibility to pay how they prefer

How does it work?
Enter sale amount

Type in your customer’s sale amount to your payment terminal

Select Alipay+ and scan QR Code

Select the Alipay+ payment method, get your customer to scan the QR Code using their AliPay+ wallet on their device

Complete payment and confirmation

Once completed on the Alipay+ wallet, the payment amount will show as created and will process authorisation

Payment approved

The payment will then show as Approved and payment is complete

Alipay+ FAQ
What is Alipay+ and how does it work?

Alipay+ is one of Asia’s biggest payments apps/wallets, with a subsequently large global presence. The app allows consumers to pay using their mobile device by scanning a QR Code that works with 10 major e-wallets in Asia Pacific.

How does Alipay+ work?

It’s quick and easy to use! Consumers can select Alipay+ on your POS payment terminal, by following these simple steps.

1. On your axept PRO payment terminal, enter your customer’s sale amount and once entered then select the Alipay+ payment option
2. Then once enetered, get your customer to scan the QR Code that appears using their AliPay+ wallet on their mobile device
3. Once the customer has completed payment on their Alipay+ wallet, your POS terminal will show a payment confirmation message and you're all done, then a receipt can be printed for your customer.

Do I need to do anything to get Alipay+?

Alipay+ acceptance is enable by default to any eligible merchants using our axept® PRO payment terminals

Where can I monitor and manage Alipay+ payments?

You can monitor and manage your Alipay+ payments via our Merchant Portal, with real-time reporting and refunds capabilities via the POS Payments page. Alipay+ transactions will also appear on your Monthly Statements

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