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Diners Club and Discover
Accept global online transactions via your checkout
Seamless, quick and secure payments

Give your international customers a seamless online payments experience with Diners Club and Discover card payments

Consumers can quickly pay via your Website Payments checkout page or Payment Links, for frictionless and secure transactions

One-click convenient card payments

At just the click of the button via your website checkout, or via a payment link, accept card payments 24/7

Diners Club and Discover card acceptance is used in hundreds of countries worldwide, opening up new markets such a tourism, hospitality and more

How does it work?
Customer selects Diners Club or Discover at checkout

Once your customer has visited the checkout, get them to select Diners Club or Discover and enter their card details.


Once completed, your customer will get an SMS, get them to authorise this by entering the code

Payment complete

Your customer should be notified of the transaction being completed and returned to your website if using a checkout

Diners Club and Discover FAQ
What is Diners Club and Discover?

Diners Club is a subsidiary of Discover Global Network, a globally recognised card scheme and payment network serving the needs of consumers with acceptance in more than 185 countries and territories. It's perfect for businesses looking to reach luxury tourism from international markets. 

How does it work?

To use Diners Club or Discover, get your customers to follow the usual card payment process at the website checkout or via the Payment Link you've sent them and select Diners Club or Discover, then verify via SMS.  


Diners Club and Discover are available on our Website Payments and Payments Links solutions, and the Virtual Terminal currently supports Visa and Mastercard for transactions over the phone.  

How do I get Diners Club and Discover for my business?

For existing merchants using our Website Payments or Payment Links products that don't have Diners Club and Discover mentioned in their current agreement, please get in touch using the details below to arrange a new agreement with Diners Club and Discover included. Some existing merchants may already have Diners Club and Discover detailed in their current agreement and won't need to take any action, please check your agreement to ensure it's mentioned. We'll contact you once Diners Club and Discover are enabled.   


The Virtual Terminal currently accepts Visa and Mastercard. 

Where do I monitor my Diners Club and Discover transactions and settlements?

All Diners Club and Discover transactions made via our Website Payments and Payment Links solutions are settled directly through DNA Payments, detailed on your monthly statements. These are accessed, managed and monitored in real-time via our Merchant Portal. 

Give your customers a seamless checkout experience
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